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Geometron Limited

Consultancy offering geospatial services on data and infrastructure both open and proprietary. We serve customers on: - data migration projects (from on-premise to cloud databases or cloud to cloud) - data quality assurance and control (automated workflows to check and report on datasets based on business rules and industry-wide geospatial standards) - design and implement back-end solutions for data pipelines (ETL and ELT processes) - algorithmic development for spatial analysis and decision making on spatially-related problems - install, configure, fine-tune and administer enterprise web-GIS - user training - design and implement geospatial strategies (incl. governance and senior management consultancy) Key markets served include any organisation with a product or a service that relies on geospatial information. Primarily targeting corporate organisations and public sector including local authorities.

1 Burnbrae Park
EH12 8AN

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