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Location Data Scotland aims to establish an inclusive geospatial community across Scotland to unlock the value in location data.

We can help connect, inform and facilitate collaboration between industry, academia, public and third sector, across multiple sectors, to drive innovation, unlock skills and enable economic growth.

Facilitated by our independent cluster building experts, Optimat, we will work to bring together an inclusive community of entrepreneurs, industry, third sector, academia and public sector to collaborate, drive innovation, create opportunities and efficiencies and unlock the value in location data across multiple industries and sectors.

Our aim is to create a common, holistic language that is understood and inclusive for all, across multiple industries and sectors.

We facilitate introductions and connections across industries and sectors to help create a robust geospatial community.  Our goal is to encourage relationships between large industry players, established industry networks and trade bodies and the rest of the wider community, with the one clear purpose of unlocking the value of location data.

Organisations who require location data can also have their own data which may be useful to others.  We help explore and facilitate opportunities and collaborations between those who have the data and those who may want it, to explore commercialisation opportunities across industry, academia and the wider community to create innovation, increase productivity, improve competitiveness and develop new products and services.  We will help those who want to utilise this data to drive their insights to connect to the technology capability that can make this possible.

Location data is applicable across multiple sectors and industries.  We will engage and connect with sectors such as, for example, transport, build environment, energy, tourism, space, agriculture, food and drink, utilities, telecommunications and construction (amongst others) to explore the potential for location data in these industries, establish collaboration opportunities, identify opportunities and develop robust supply chains.

Geospatial is a priority area for both the Scottish and UK Governments. We will use insights from the Location Data Scotland community to help inform Government decision making to shape policy, influence academic research and attract inward investment.  Our goal is to achieve the transformative vision for a coherent national location data framework by 2025, as set out in the UK’s Geospatial Strategy.

We work closely with universities and research organisations across Scotland to identify opportunities to share knowledge and expertise.  We’re here to support the development of both technical and related geographical/mapping skills and talents amongst students and individuals looking to upskill in this emerging sector. To explore, refine and inform all aspects of skills and capabilities development we will work closely with a range of organisations, such as:

Through its network of connections, Location Data Scotland will signpost organisations to relevant support and funding opportunities across organisations such as Scotland’s Economic Development Agencies, Innovate UK and provide a route to national programmes such as sector deals, city region deals and a range of other UK funding streams.