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Sky-Pin Drones Ltd

Sky-Pin Drones Ltd, is a data capture solutions company using RTK-GPS drone technology in the agricultural and environmental sectors, based in the Scottish Borders and cover the whole of Scotland. Working closely with an ecologist and farm environmental management expert (Tony Seymour from The Farm Environment Ltd), enables a great combination and insight in the use and implementation of new technology into the wider farming environment. I use an RTK-GPS positioning drone and base station to ensure these maps are highly accurate and the outputs are compatible with ARC-GIS, QGIS and other GEO-spatial software solutions. Clients use these maps for evidencing work carried out such as the measurement of a newly created pond area for the Agri-Environmental Scheme and other work, such as: - • Peatland mapping, digital twin, project management of renovation • Farmland irrigation, drainage • Pond and wetland creation • Field boundary analysis • Hedge and fence line management and measurement • Mapping and collating data on biodiversity Peatland restoration In peatland restoration I have been pushing boundaries on how restoration efficiencies can be improved by the implementation of a highly accurate GPS enabled peatland digital twin concept (3D model of a peatland area). This has been welcomed by many involved, one client commented “a game changer” in peatland restoration. The 3D digital twin is an exact digital replica of the peatland and can be manipulated to any angle, zoomed in, measurements taken, and areas calculated. When walking a peatland, it is very easy to miss areas requiring attention. With this model concept, one can view all the areas, from a laptop, prioritise and plan, enabling extremely efficient project management and resource allocation. Multispectral sensors By the creation of a vegetation indices using the multispectral data and aerial orthomosaic maps, the analysis of crop health and the identification of drainage issues can be done. Up to 7 zones can be created with this this data with a field. These zones are created by the multispectral index data values, higher values represent better crop health. These zones are measured (Ha), with average index value rate given, you have a facility to set a variable rate prescription for delivery of a substance (pesticide, fertiliser, seeds) over these zones.

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