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A thriving community of travel communities and geospatial partners in Scotland

A thriving community of travel communities and geospatial partners in Scotland

Electrek Explorer is an eco-mapping web app that puts all the information required for an Electric adventure-trip in one place. It enables users to explore using EVs and E-bikes, opening new horizons for sustainable travel. They have strong links with eco-tourism businesses, local food providers and eco-accommodation as well as nature conservation groups and wildlife charities, providing a fully eco-friendly experience for its customers.

Electrek Explorer was looking to expand their network of connections in tourism and EV charging and connect with other businesses working across the geospatial community to learn, share ideas and help create best practice.

Accessing the right data sources to help enhance their electric road trips, E-bike trails and nature exploration was an exciting challenge for Electrek Explorer. The team at Location Data Scotland (LDS) were able to provide information about the data needs of people involved in Scottish Tourism via the Tourism Observatory and introduced them to the Crowne Estate to explore potential nature-based tourism data for Recharge in Nature. LDS also introduced Electrek Explorer to the GIS Manager at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park who are currently exploring active travel and net zero ambitions. Although they have no data to share currently, Electrek Explorer hope they will form a key partner in the future.

Connections were also made with Electric vehicle charge point organisations Miralis Data and Sustainable Mobility Cluster Builder to identify the specific locations for the EV charging points.

Elaine Ford, Founder and CEO of Electrek Explorer said:

“We are part of a thriving community of travel communities and geospatial partners in Scotland, including GeoVation, NatureScot, Travel Tech Scotland and Location Data Scotland. Having this vibrant community has allowed us to identify funders and partners for our webApp – Nature Scot and Electrek Explorer: Recharge in Nature WebApp. But it has also allowed us to identify advisory board members, partner companies, and potential investors.

Location Data Scotland adds a lot to this mix. As a company it is essential that we identify and collaborate with numerous individuals and organisations capturing data to make our sustainable travel routes as rich as possible. The Location Data Scotland geospatial community is valuable for facilitating introductions in their network and we appreciate the support and connections they can provide which are essential to businesses at our stage of growth.

We’re really excited to have now launched the Electrek Explorer Recharge in Nature Web App as we have more exciting nature rich trips coming soon.”