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Tritonia Scientific Ltd

Tritonia Scientific Ltd., is a company that specialises in the application of emerging technologies in integrated ways that produce step-change advances in how the underwater environment is visualised, mapped and measured, in digital formats. Our main focus is the use of georeferenced 3D photogrammetry techniques to survey and monitor underwater environments, seabed features and submerged structures. Clients for our work include oil and gas decommissioning, offshore renewables, harbours and piers, marine protected areas, and aquaculture. We are currently completing the development of a bespoke data portal that allows clients to interact with precisely georeferenced and full-resolution 3D models. The end objective is to deliver a system that generates data in the forms and volumes that can support marine geospatial planning and management over multiple scales of relevance.

Suite 8 Malin House
European Marine Science Park
PA37 1SZ
01631 559211

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