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Holoxica Limited

Our vision is to “Solve 3D”. Holoxica is a tech company specialising in disruptive holographic 3D solutions from motion video displays to static images. Our tech does not need any head gear where 3D images appear in mid-air, viewable naturally, just like 'Star Wars'. We have an experienced team delivering on extreme hardware, software and 3D graphics projects. We offer a 3D light-field display capable of showing colour motion video, as well as static digital holograms. We can convert any kind of 3D digital data into a hologram. Our technology is positioned beyond current AR/VR and can be a direct replacement for this. The main applications are in professional (B2B) medical, scientific, military, industrial and commercial markets. We have recently pioneered telepresence technology which allows full duplex (two-way) 3D video conferencing across a broadband network.

Argyle House
3 Lady Lawson Street

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