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FarrPoint is an independent technology consultancy which specialises in digital connectivity. We understand the importance of connectivity as the underlying mechanism for driving economic and social benefits and we have deep personal convictions about the importance and impact of our connectivity work. This works matters to us, and we get professional reward from being part of the change that improved connectivity can bring to societies and communities. To achieve this, we provide independent advice on the commercial and technical considerations of connectivity strategies, technical planning and modelling, procurement support and implementation assurance. Our work ranges from connectivity infrastructure programmes through to use cases covering public service delivery, health and social care and environmental issues. Our team comprise a mix of consulting technologists, economists and data analysts who combine to provide experience, expertise and complementary resource to clients in the public and private sectors. Our approach is unlike many other consultancy firms. What clients get from FarrPoint is pragmatic guidance from a team who understands both the commercial, regulatory and policy considerations, plus how these connectivity solutions can be delivered on the ground to deliver the desired benefits. As trusted advisers, we build strong relationships with our clients based on empathy, flexibility and independence.

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