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Space Aye Video Case Study

Space Aye Video Case Study

Space Aye is an innovative technology company who merge Internet of Things (IoT) data with real-time satellite imagery to provide in-depth information surrounding satellite imagery, creating a global view of the world.

Founder and CEO of Space Aye, Chris Newlands shared his thoughts on how Location Data Scotland has helped them in their scale up phase:

Being on the Location Data Scotland Scottish Innovation village at GEO business 2023 was a great platform for Space Aye to raise our profile and discover a number of exciting opportunities including how our technology will assist autonomous vehicles as they move to a fully autonomous stage (level 5). We also had interest from a transportation company at the show interested in the benefits of real-time satellite navigation. Location Data Scotland has also helped escalate our conversations with the policing organisations across the UK and emergency services in Scotland who see this technology as a game-changer in terms of accuracy and security. This has led to discussions with other emergency services organisations around how our technology can provide real-time satellite information to minimise wildfires.

Eolas Insights Video Case Study

Eolas Insights Video Case Study

Eolas Insight offer automated mapping solutions for the environmental and ecological sectors.

Doug McNeil, Managing Director of Eolas Insights shared his thoughts on the support they received from Location Data Scotland:

LDS has helped raise our brand profile as a start-up company through several platforms and events to talk about our services and promote the company. The best example of this was being an exhibitor on the Scottish Innovation Village at GEO business 2023 (organised by Location Data Scotland) in London. We made a lot of connections at the show, including RICS who are now supporting one of our projects. We also met several investors at the event and at the time were going through seed investment. The investor who is leading our current seed investment round was a connection we made at the event. This investment will help us take the company to the next level and begin our scale up journey – all thanks to Location Data Scotland.

Topolytics Video Case Study

Topolytics Video Case Study

Topolytics is a data aggregation and analytics company who are making the world’s waste visible, verifiable, and valuable.

Founder and CEO Mike Groves commented on how Location Data Scotland has helped their business:

Location is a crucial part of our proposition and being linked to LDS is critical to our business as it helps us understand what other people are doing within the network. LDS has provided networking and showcase opportunities for Topolytics including being part of the Scottish Innovation Village at GEO Business 2023 which provided us with a platform to engage with potential partners and customers. It also gave me some ideas on how we could build our own contextual data to understand where the sites are that are managing and processing things around waste material and how could technologies be applied in that process.

A thriving community of travel communities and geospatial partners in Scotland

A thriving community of travel communities and geospatial partners in Scotland

Electrek Explorer is an eco-mapping web app that puts all the information required for an Electric adventure-trip in one place. It enables users to explore using EVs and E-bikes, opening new horizons for sustainable travel. They have strong links with eco-tourism businesses, local food providers and eco-accommodation as well as nature conservation groups and wildlife charities, providing a fully eco-friendly experience for its customers.

Electrek Explorer was looking to expand their network of connections in tourism and EV charging and connect with other businesses working across the geospatial community to learn, share ideas and help create best practice.

Accessing the right data sources to help enhance their electric road trips, E-bike trails and nature exploration was an exciting challenge for Electrek Explorer. The team at Location Data Scotland (LDS) were able to provide information about the data needs of people involved in Scottish Tourism via the Tourism Observatory and introduced them to the Crowne Estate to explore potential nature-based tourism data for Recharge in Nature. LDS also introduced Electrek Explorer to the GIS Manager at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park who are currently exploring active travel and net zero ambitions. Although they have no data to share currently, Electrek Explorer hope they will form a key partner in the future.

Connections were also made with Electric vehicle charge point organisations Miralis Data and Sustainable Mobility Cluster Builder to identify the specific locations for the EV charging points.

Elaine Ford, Founder and CEO of Electrek Explorer said:

“We are part of a thriving community of travel communities and geospatial partners in Scotland, including GeoVation, NatureScot, Travel Tech Scotland and Location Data Scotland. Having this vibrant community has allowed us to identify funders and partners for our webApp – Nature Scot and Electrek Explorer: Recharge in Nature WebApp. But it has also allowed us to identify advisory board members, partner companies, and potential investors.

Location Data Scotland adds a lot to this mix. As a company it is essential that we identify and collaborate with numerous individuals and organisations capturing data to make our sustainable travel routes as rich as possible. The Location Data Scotland geospatial community is valuable for facilitating introductions in their network and we appreciate the support and connections they can provide which are essential to businesses at our stage of growth.

We’re really excited to have now launched the Electrek Explorer Recharge in Nature Web App as we have more exciting nature rich trips coming soon.”

LDS opening the right doors for B2B solutions provider Vahanomy

LDS opening the right doors for B2B solutions provider Vahanomy

Tech entrepreneur Arun Gopinath has a vision of the future with a fully joined up inclusive ecosystem for autonomous vehicles and services and is positioning his company Vahanomy at the heart of that ecosystem.

The global EV charging public infrastructure market is forecast to be US$60 billion by 2030, with location analysis and site selection estimated at 8% of the cost (US$4.8 billion). Early this year the UK government announced that they were allocating £450m to create 300,000 public charging stations, a huge opportunity for Vahanomy. Arun comments:

“We don’t know exactly what the autonomous vehicle landscape will look like in the future but what we do know is that it will be powered by electric vehicles in the foreseeable future. There is currently a huge opportunity in Scotland and the rest of the UK to lay the foundations for our future vision and we see a massive opportunity to introduce our services to the rest of the world.”

Vahanomy is an Edinburgh based start-up developing innovative artificial intelligence data drivenB2B solutions to enable the accelerated rollout of electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructure globally.

The company’s first two products include an AI-powered location data intelligence tool that will assess and analyse proposed EV charging locations and the portal; a B2B and B2C marketplace listing potential charging sites and services and facilitate the trading of EV charging sites and trading capacity and provide analytics of demand and supply of services in the EV charging ecosystem.


As a business, Vahanomy has a strong ethical stance that they will create solutions for everyone that will reduce our carbon footprint and make transport much more mobile and accessible.Arun and his fellow directors originate from outside Scotland and were challenged when starting to build their network of connections in Scotland. Arun commented:

“There is a fantastic support network across Scotland from Scottish Enterprise, to the University infrastructure, with lots of different touch points to find partners, investors, customers, and staff. Unfortunately, if you are not originally from Scotland and not part of a university network it is difficult to know how to start navigating this landscape. Vahanomy was accepted onto the TravelTech for Scotland programme which then exposed them to Location Data Scotland and the EIE (Engage, Invest, Exploit) programme through the University of Edinburgh. Each of these connections have provided lots of different opportunities and validation.”

Vahanomy identified several key stakeholders that they wanted to engage with through Location Data Scotland to help them quantify their idea, test their technology and source data sets including Registers of Scotland, the Improvement Service, Geospatial Commission and Ordnance Survey. Arun commented:

“We realised early on that these stakeholders were going to be instrumental in helping ussource the data we needed to deliver our services and evolve our ecosystem. Ashley at Location Data Scotland has a fantastic network of connections and she easily started opening doors for us to the right people across the location data domain. We’ve had initial meetings with these individuals, and they have started to share information and open doors that have been instrumental for the next stages in our business growth.”

To find out more about Vahanomy visit